NOTE: This is an archived copy of the Dragonfire Internet Services website. Dragonfire is no longer in operation; please do not attempt to contact any of the addresses listed on this site.

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Dragonfire Internet Services
The Not-Quite-Free Internet Service Provider

Dragonfire Internet Services takes pride in providing Internet users with ample space to store Web pages--or any files at all--and ample bandwidth for serving them for a minimal charge. Accounts on Dragonfire for storing and serving files, including your own hostname for URLs, are available for under US$7 per month (when purchased on a yearly basis), with 25MB of disk space and 200MB per day of bandwidth. Click here for instructions on obtaining an account; you can also view a list of user pages on Dragonfire.

We keep track of all system problems on our system event log; any current problems will be reported at the top of that page.

About Dragonfire:

Dragonfire currently operates two servers, both with Intel x86-series CPUs (currently Pentiums) and 128MB RAM, and both running the Linux operating system. The servers share a combined 18 gigabytes of disk space, and are linked to each other via a 10Mbps Ethernet LAN (local-area network) and to the Internet via a T3-class link to MAE East, the Internet's largest traffic exchange point.

In addition to providing Web, FTP, and other services to Internet users, Dragonfire has some extra features, including an anonymous FTP archive and a counter for Web pages.

For the curious, here's a history of Dragonfire. There's also a statistics table with details on exactly how much data Dragonfire has transferred, for those interested in the nitty-gritty.

Contacting Dragonfire:

If you have a question, please try to answer it first using Dragonfire's web pages, especially the FAQ; you'll save everyone time and trouble that way. Also, make certain your mail software is configured correctly with your E-mail address--this may seem obvious to some, but we occasionally receive messages with invalid return addresses, and there is no way to send replies to them.

About the logo

Dragonfire's current logo was designed by J.D. Spangler. We also have an archive of old logos.

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