Account Payment Rules

The duration of service paid for with any payment begins:

Payment for a new account is due 15 days after the account is created; payment to extend service for an account is due on the expiration date of the account. If a different expiration date is stated for any account, that date will take precedence.

An account is considered delinquent if we do not receive payment for any fee for the account within a "grace period" of 15 days after the due date of the fee. Delinquent accounts are subject to immediate termination. We may also, at our option, choose to withhold any future services from the owner of a delinquent account, or to deny the grace period and require payment in advance for any future services. Note that our processing time does not count against this grace period. For example, if we receive your payment 14 days after the due date, and it is not processed until three days later, your account will not be considered delinquent.

Because we offer reduced fees for long-term payments, all payments are non-refundable. If you choose to terminate your account before it expires, or if we terminate your account for any reason, you will not be permitted to apply any remaining time on your account to another Dragonfire account. Exception: Should Dragonfire's services be unavailable for an extended period of time, we may, at our sole discretion, choose to either refund an amount of money or provide a period of free service. In such a circumstance, we will determine the precise amount of refund or duration of free service at that time.

You will be sent a reminder of your account expiration by E-mail 30 days before your account expires. If we have not received and processed payment for the account within 10 days before the account expires, we will send another reminder by E-mail. You are fully responsible for being able to receive these reminders; not being able to receive them will not be a valid reason for extending the expiration date of your account.

If you require paper invoicing, you must supply us with an address, and there will be a service charge of $10 per item sent by postal mail. Payment will be due 30 days after the item is sent; this due date applies to all fees listed, and will be specified on the mail. Paper invoicing must be requested each time it is desired. If you wish to receive a receipt by postal mail as well, you must specify that in your request.