NOTE: This is an archived copy of the Dragonfire Internet Services website. Dragonfire is no longer in operation; please do not attempt to contact any of the addresses listed on this site.

Dragonfire's additional services

More information on FTP:

Dragonfire provides various material on an anonymous FTP site located at This primarily includes some software packages, including old versions of the Netscape Navigator browser, but contains other files as well (including the music archive from which Dragonfire grew). Note that Dragonfire does not support or endorse any of the material on its site; the site is provided purely as a service to Internet users.

Dragonfire also features an IRC server, part of the EsperNet network, a small but friendly network with nickname/channel registration services developed specifically for EsperNet (and since released to the public).

HTML Tools and Features

In addition to standard CGI scripts (such as imagemap), Dragonfire provides a page counter, available to Dragonfire's users and to people with pages on remote sites.

Those with knowledge of Unix shell scripting language or the Perl language can create their own CGI scripts for use from their home pages. When you upload the script, make sure its name ends with .cgi (this indicates to the server that the file is a CGI script), and after you've upload it, give the FTP command `site chmod 755 filename', where filename is the name (ending in .cgi) of the script file. (Most graphical clients should have a menu option allowing you to send an FTP command directly; if in doubt, read your client's manual.) More information on CGIs can be found in Dragonfire's FAQ.

Andy Church
Last update: 8 October 1998