NOTE: This is an archived copy of the Dragonfire Internet Services website. Dragonfire is no longer in operation; please do not attempt to contact any of the addresses listed on this site.

Choosing and Using a Good Password

A password is essentially the key to your account; anyone who knows your password can do anything they want in your name, which could result in you taking responsibility for things you never did. So it is important to both choose a good password and to take care that others do not learn it.

There are a few general rules to follow when choosing a password:

The first two rules are strictly enforced on all Dragonfire accounts.

Once you have chosen a password, you should protect it just as you might a house or car key. Don't write your password down and leave it lying around; in fact, don't write your password down at all -- choose one you will not have trouble remembering. Don't give your password to someone you don't have a great deal of trust in, and don't give it to anyone at all unless necessary. And if you think your password has been stolen, write immediately to Dragonfire ( and have your account disabled until a new password can be set.